World-Famous "Special Delights"


Culinary Infusion Made by You

High Quality Ingredients + Tasty Experience

From the fantastic Mrs. Green, author of "Pass The Greens: The World's First Cannabis Soul Food Cookbook," comes Special Delights, a line of gourmet cookie and brownie mixes in a jar—you add the medicated butter made with the herb of your choice.

Each jar comes complete with instructions on how to make the cannabutter. It's like having Mrs. Green right there in the kitchen with you, but you get 100% of the credit for all the yummy treats you create.

When you order the ingredients for a simple, fun baking experience, they arrive at your door ready for you to make Mrs. Green's famous edibles with no hassle, no mess, and a at fraction of the cost. Just add about one stick of butter, eggs, mix, bake, and enjoy!

You control the amount of cannabis you use so that you can create micro-dosed treats, or heavy-hitting medicated munchies that will sooth your worse symptoms, from chronic pain to insomnia. Each mix is measured precisely, so there's no waste and no half-used bags of sugar, flour, and other baking ingredients crowding your shelf.

The Special Delights mixes contain zero THC, so there is no problem with shipping our products around the country and the world. That means that you can use the mix to make unmedicated goodies just by using regular butter instead of cannabutter.

All our mixes are hand-crafted using premium ingredients, and the lovely packaging makes each one a beautiful gift. Share your love of Mrs. Green's baking with friends everywhere—send a care package to a friend or family member who could use a little pick-me-up delivered right to their door.



Kush Girl

Whenever I have a craving for chocolate chip cookies with caramel chunks all I need to know is that I have a Mrs. Green's mix in the cupboard because the results are always going to be delicious.

Kush Girl
Nancy W

Delicious! I consider myself a gourmet cook and thought of these mixes as great gifts for friends because they are so easy to prepare. Well, surprise, surprise. They are fabulous, and everyone raves!

Nancy W
Steven H

I love these rich, very sweet, addictive cookie mixes! I adapt the recipes all the time with different strains for different effects, and they never (never!) miss the mark.

Steven H